Volume 6 : 2009

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Editorial PDF
Stephen Mason


Digital data as hearsay PDF
Steven W. Teppler
Evidential issues from pre-action discoveries: Odex Pte Ltd v Pacific Internet Ltd PDF
Daniel Seng
Judgment in the case of K.U. v Finland: the European Court of Human Rights requires access to communications data to identify the sender to enable effective criminal prosecution in serious violations of private life PDF
Tuomas Pöysti
Businesses’ perception of electronic signatures: An Australian study PDF
Aashish Srivastava
Civil law liability for unauthorized withdrawals at ATMs in Germany PDF
Gerwin Haybäck
Bank card fraud in Spain PDF
Ricardo M. Mata y. Martin, Antonio Javato Martin
Bread and Donkey for Breakfast how IT law false friends can confound lawmakers: an Italian tale about digital signatures PDF
Ugo Bechini
The essential elements of an effective electronic signature process PDF
Greg Casamento, Patrick Hatfield
Reliability of Chip & PIN evidence in banking disputes PDF
Steven J. Murdoch
PINs, passwords and human memory PDF
Wendy Moncur, Grégory Leplâtre
Known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns: anti-virus issues, malicious software and internet attacks for non-technical audiences PDF
Daniel Bilar
Remote electronic discovery PDF
Gib Sorebo
Legal privilege and the high cost of electronic discovery in the United States: should we be thinking like lawyers? PDF
Daniel R. Rizzolo
International phishing gangs and operation Phish & Chip PDF
Francesco Cajani
Interception of communications: Skype, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft tools and electronic data retention on foreign servers: A legal perspective from a prosecutor conducting an investigation PDF
Francesco Cajani
Digital evidence and e-signature in the Russian Federation: a change in trend? PDF
Alex Dolzhich
More on suppression and the internet in New Zealand PDF
Ursula Cheer
Whether a photograph taken for Google’s Street View can be used as evidence in a criminal process: a case note PDF
Nadezhda Purtova, Arnold Roosendaal
Digital evidence – do not confuse digital archiving with backups PDF
Philippe Bazin
Digital evidence in the new Swiss Federal Code of Civil Procedure PDF
Christoph Gasser
Registered e-Mail and e-Invoicing in Turkey PDF
Leyla Keser Berber
The Indonesian law on electronic information and transactions PDF
Hamud M. Balfas
A brief outline of the position in Uruguay in relation to cyber crime legislation PDF
Luis Aguerre, Diego Baldomir
Line based hash analysis of source code infringement PDF
Svein Yngvar Willassen
On the complexity of collaborative cyber crime investigations PDF
Peter M. Bednar, Vasilios Katos, Cheryl Hennell
An investigator’s approach to digital evidence PDF
Paul Lund

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Volume 6 Credits

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