Vol 6, No 3 (1909)

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Contents and Notices PDF
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Notes and Queries PDF
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Obituary PDF
The Editors
Extracts from Presidential Address at Annual Meeting PDF
Joseph J Green
A Rare Tract on Persecution in Scotland PDF
The Editors
Incidents at the Time of the American Revolution, connected with some Members of the Society of Friends PDF
George Vaux
A Short Account of John Reckless and his Family, II PDF
Emily Manners
Sheriff Court Decrees against Barclays of Ury PDF
W A Macnaughton
Financial Statements sent to Smarthmore 1655 and 1656 PDF
The Editors
The Orders Touching Quakers, 1661 PDF
The Editors
The Somerby Estate, Leicestershire, III PDF
Mary Radley
The Journal of Esther Palmer, III PDF
Gilbert Cope
Meeting Records PDF
The Editors
George Fox's Knowledge of Hebrew PDF
Mary G Swift
Vagrancy PDF
The Editors
The Quakers in GReystoke Parish, Cumberland PDF
J Hay Colligan
A new book on Peace PDF
The Editors
Friends in Current Literature PDF
Norman Penney

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Officers for the year 1909-10 and Balance sheet for the year 1908 PDF
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