Advance Access Articles - Volume 19 : 2022


Advance article 1:

Acknowledging the ever-increasing significance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the global e-commerce market, this article critically examines the e-signature regime of the 2007 Saudi Electronic Transactions Law and its implementing regulation. In doing so, it considers the evolution of the European regime on e-signatures, from Directive 1999/93/EC to Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (the eIDAS Regulation). The article primarily concludes that the Saudi legislature’s approach to e-signatures has been overly restrictive and calls for different, permissive and careful consideration.

Index words: Electronic signature, e-commerce, e-transactions, Saudi Arabia, European Union, eIDAS Regulation, comparative analysis.


Advance article 2:

The Post Office Horizon scandal in the United Kingdom, possibly the most extensive miscarriage of justice in English legal history, was caused by a number of interrelated factors. These include: the legal presumption that computers are reliable; the unwillingness and failure of judges to order appropriate and necessary disclosure of documents by the Post Office, where required to ensure fairness at trial; the unethical conduct by the board and management of the Post Office; failure by government – the Post Office’s owner, and questionable litigation strategies adopted by the Post Office’s lawyers.

Index words: Post Office; Horizon IT system; disclosure; discovery; electronic evidence; ethics; politics.