The challenge of MNCs and development: oil extraction, CSR, Nigeria and corruption


  • Ciara Hackett School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast



Globalisation has led to a shift in world order with the rise of the corporate non-state actor. This rise has led to an assumption that multi-national corporations (MNCs) must assume responsibilities beyond profit maximisation for shareholders. With the rise of the MNC as a corporate non-state actor there have been discussions around the role of business with regard to human rights.

This article looks at the case of oil extraction in Nigeria. Focusing on the historical dependency of Nigeria and the evolution of the state into a resource-dependent country, it looks at the limitations of existing human rights obligations as they relate to business. This article proposes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies of MNCs can act as a preliminary stage in the quest for wider human rights protections. It is in
motivating MNCs to design and implement effective CSR policies in dependent states like Nigeria that the challenge lies.

Author Biography

Ciara Hackett, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast

Lecturer, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast.