Advance Access Articles - Volume 19 : 2022


Advance article 1:

Oways Kinsara - Revising the Saudi Electronic Transactions Law on E-Signatures

Acknowledging the ever-increasing significance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the global e-commerce market, this article critically examines the e-signature regime of the 2007 Saudi Electronic Transactions Law and its implementing regulation.

Advance article 2:

Paul Marshall - Scandal at the Post Office: The Intersection of law, ethics and politics

The Post Office Horizon scandal in the United Kingdom, possibly the most extensive miscarriage of justice in English legal history, was caused by a number of interrelated factors.

Advance article 3:

Mark King - Electronic Execution of Documents Interim Report: a critical analysis

An Industry Working Group set up by a public appointments competition has recently produced Electronic Execution of Documents Interim Report via the Ministry of Justice.

Advance article 4:

James Christie - The Post Office IT scandal – why IT audit is essential for effective corporate governance

The Post Office Horizon scandal is possibly the most serious corporate failure in the United Kingdom in living memory, and possibly for more than a century.

Advance article 5:

Peter Bernard Ladkin and Martyn Thomas - Assigning IACS cybersecurity responsibility conformant with the UK Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018

Industrial plants constituting a society’s critical infrastructure, for example electricity-generation and water-supply, contain industrial automation and control systems (IACS). IACS nowadays increasingly contain many digital-electronic components whose behaviour is software-controlled.

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