Electronic evidence in Bulgaria – one step further, one step back

Alexandra Tsvetkova


Electronic evidence was introduced in the Bulgarian legislation for the first time during the period 2016-2017. In this article Alexandra Tsvetkova presents these recent developments in Bulgaria and focuses on the specific organizational, technological and legal requirements for handling and storing electronic evidence and evidentiary means. The article further explores the implementation levels of these requirements and gives recommendations with respect to identified gaps and needs. Alexandra Tsvetkova is an expert in IT and legal issues related to new technologies and director of LIBRe Foundation, Bulgaria. Since 2008, her practice is focused on the legal aspects in the use of ICT in the work of the government and the judiciary and a number of strategic and legislative initiatives have been implemented with her participation


Index words: Evidence law, civil procedure, Electronic evidence law and legislation, Electronic discovery, Electronic records, Bulgaria, European Union

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