Case Transcript: England & Wales - Regina v Seema Misra, T20090070 - Commentary and Index to the transcript by Stephen Mason


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Case citation: Regina v Seema Misra, T20090070

Case commentary and Index to the transcript by Stephen Mason

England & Wales; theft; electronic evidence; Post Office Horizon System; ‘reliability’ of computers

From the EDITORIAL by Stephen Mason:

In this issue of the journal, the transcript of the trial of Seema Misra is published in full. I thank His Honour Judge Stewart for granting permission to buy a copy of the transcript and to the publication of the transcript. Judge Stewart requested me to obtain the permission of Seema Mira to the publication of the transcript – an action I certainly would have taken in any event. I also thank Seema Misra for her agreement to publish the transcript. Seema Misra agreed to the publication, knowing it would be available to anyone with access to the internet or a legal electronic database. I am given to understand by Alan Bates, the chair of Justice For Subpostmasters Alliance, that Seema Misra’s case is now before the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and Seema Misra understood that making the transcript available publically in this way would, in her opinion, help her case.

We are pleased to be able to present the full case transcript for Regina v Seema Misra, T20090070 in the Documents Supplement to this issue of the journal.

The page layout and pagination of the original transcript for each day have been retained for ease of reference to the text searchable PDFs.

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