The application of forensics examination in crime-related prosecution

The need for standardization and a recognized model in Nigeria

  • Davidson C. Onwubiko
  • Felix E. Eboibi


The increased use of the internet and information technology in Nigeria has led to the need to utilize technologies to identify and prosecute perpetrators of crimes. In today’s world, the application of forensics in the investigation and prosecution of crimes is essential. This paper critically examines the effect of the absence of a coordinated standard for the execution and presentation of forensic investigations utilizing electronic evidence in Nigeria. It examines the nature and scope of the various forensic models proposed, while questioning the appropriateness or otherwise of their usefulness in criminal prosecutions. The paper suggests the need for the regulation of forensics practices, the provision of standards, and a universal model for the successful prosecution of crimes in Nigeria.

Index words: Nigeria; forensic examination; digital crime; standardization