Editorial Team

Editorial Board

Academic Editor: Prof Anton Cooray (The City Law School)

Editor-in-Chief: Tugce Yalcin (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: Corporate Law/M&A, Banking and Financial Law, Securities Regulation, Investment Law, Commercial Law, European Law.

Deputy Editor: Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Human Rights Law, Freedom of Information Law, Media Law and Freedom of Expression, Anti-Corruption Law and Compliance.

Deputy Editor: George M. Daoud (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: International financial law, financial crime, privacy & information technology, money and cyber laundering, (M/A, contract, shareholder rights & remedies) Corporate Law, European and Canadian Law.

Associate Editors

Associate Editor: Julius Ibrahim Kalilu Foday (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: Constitutional and Administrative Law, Comparative Law and Research Methods, International Human Rights Law, Anti-Corruption Law and Compliance, Drafting Legislation, Regulation and Policy, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Gender, Sexuality and Law. 

Associate Editor: Victor Chimbwanda (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: Legal Education & Training, Solicitor (England & Wales (non-practising)), Attorney (Botswana).

Associate Editor: Wael Saghir, PhD (International Consultant and Lead for the International Trade and Finance Think Tank Programme at the Global Research Network (GRN))
Expertise: International Trade and Financial Law, Foreign Direct Investment Policy, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Associate Editor: Victoria Tchen (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: Energy Law with a focus on Africa.

Associate Editor: Mohammed Subhan Hussain Sheikh (Doctoral Researcher)
Expertise: International Human Rights Law, South Asian Laws, Comparative Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Gender and Law, Company Law, UK and International White-Collar Crime, Civil Fraud, and Parallel Proceedings.

Associate Editor: Dr John Stanton (Senior Lecturer)
Expertise: Localism in the UK, including local decision-making and democracy, nature and role of local government, central-local relations and the broader constitutional position it fulfils; currently engaged in a large-scale empirical project exploring the relationship between local government and centralised government across the UK and Ireland.