Welcome to the IALS Student Law Review

  • Jules Winterton
  • Avrom Sherr
  • Constantin Stefanou
  • ISLRev Editorial Board


The IALS Student Law Review is a new open access journal from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies made freely available online through the School of Advanced Study's Open Journals System. The journal publishes scholarly articles or developing work format and will focus on legal studies within the main expertise of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), School of Advanced Study (SAS) University of London.

In this Editorial Jules Winterton (Director, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies), Professor Avrom Sherr (Woolf Professor of Legal Education and Director on Sabbatical, IALS), Dr Constantin Stefanou (Director of Taught Courses, IALS and Academic Editor IALS Student Law Review) and Nima Mersadi Tabari on behalf of the IALS Student Law Review Editorial Board welcome you to our inaugural issue.

The IALS Student Law Review aims to provide a unique forum for all those who are interested in legal studies to present their scholarly contributions. The unique offering of the IALS Student Law Review is that it allows for publication on multi-dimensional legal studies. In addition, it proactively encourages analytical and comparative studies. Papers that investigate legal issues from single or multiple vantage points whether topically or jurisdictionally are equally welcomed, as are papers examining law-related interdisciplinary work.

The IALS Student Law Review is run by IALS PhD legal research students assisted by an academic member of staff at IALS. The journal is intended as a showcase for legal scholars from postgraduate students and early career scholars to well-established academics; and intends to target both members of the legal academia and practitioners in addition to students.

Submissions from legal practitioners are also welcomed. Scholars working on related topics are encouraged to put together several papers for consideration as special themed issues or dossiers.


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