Amicus Curiae Volume 4, Issue 1 is now published


In this this issue of Amicus Curiae there are contributions on the impact of the Supreme Court of New Zealand’s replacement of the Privy Council as the last stop in the New Zealand judicial system, the nature and value of the doctrinal approach in legal studies, and the ability of courts in the Special Administrative Region to refer to foreign authorities. These are followed by a series of essays in a Special Part on developments in ADR, with other essays to be published in the next issue. The Notes section includes several reviews, and a substantial contribution which looks at judges who have themselves fallen foul of the law. There is another essay relating to New Zealand, relating to the question of how best to provide guidance on bringing relevant social and cultural information to the attention to the court. A short Note reflects on the experience of being a Professor in Practice at the IALS. Another Note examines issues of sexual assault. A Visual Law contribution offers an illustrated and succinct account of 18th century sporting arbitration. There are obituaries for James Crawford and Phil Rumney.