Amicus Curiae Volume 4, Issue 2 is now published


Issue 4.2 (New Series) of Amicus Curiae opens with an essay by the Hon Dame Justice Glazebrook on questions of legal pluralism in New Zealand—specifically, the place of Māori  traditions in the New Zealand legal system. Assessment of technological advances and changing law firm operations is the subject of a contribution by Daniel Beresford and Jens Krebs. The essay by Benedict Okay Agu considers the effectiveness of official responses to violent extremist groups in Nigeria. This is followed by several substantial contributions to analysis of developments in ADR (McCloud, Allport,  Gicquello,  Graham, Mallalieu & Campbell,  and Mouhiddin & Adams). A note on the 2022 Nigerian Proceeds of Crime Act is offered by Tochukwu Omyiuke. Mátyás Bódig responds to Geoffrey Samuel’s article on doctrinal legal scholarship (Amicus Curiae, 4.1), and Jessica Mant reviews Justice in a Time of Austerity (Robins & Newman). Eliza Boudier updates readers with news of, and events at, the IALS, and the issue is completed by a Visual Law contribution by Barrie Nathan on ‘Dickens and the Law’.