Commercial law reform in the Russian Federation

  • K. V.S.K. Nathan
Keywords: Company law, Corporation law, Commercial law, Russian Federation, World Bank


The author explains that the privatisation of state-owned undertakings engaged in economic and commercial activities has become the staple of economic policies of developing countries and many developed countries. In the Russian Federation, the enormity of the process is beginning to be fully understood. This article discusses the interventions by the World Bank and the European Commission to introduce a new legal order in the country to protect private property and economic rights and complete the transformation from a socialist to a market economy. Article by Dr K.V.S.K. Nathan (Barrister / Arbitrator, Italy). Published in Amicus Curiae - Journal of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and its Society for Advanced Legal Studies. The Journal is produced by the Society for Advanced Legal Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.


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