Innovation and continuity in law-making

  • Richard Heaton
Keywords: Bill drafting, legislative drafting, Good law, Rule of law


Article by Richard Heaton CB (First Parliamentary Counsel and Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office) developed from the 2014 Sir William Dale Memorial Lecture delivered by the author at the Institute of Advanced
Legal Studies on May 14, 2014. Inspired by Sir William Dale's wide-ranging and stimulating writing and his belief that our laws should be effective, clear, necessary, coherent and accessible, Richard Heaton explores what the Dale challenge meant in the 1970s; what it would have meant to earlier generations; and what it means to us today. He suggests that Dale’s work inspires us to look at the history of law-making and the ways in which Law is associated with continuity - with a purpose, a role in society (mediating
between the people and the institutions of the State) that are remarkably constant.


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