Banking regulation and environmental sustainability


  • Kern Alexander



International banking law, international financial law


In this article Professor Kern Alexander (Chair for Banking and Financial Market Law, University of Zurich, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London and Professorial Fellow in Financial Regulation, Centre for Risk Studies, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge)  discusses why environmental sustainability is relevant to banking policy and regulation and shows how G20 countries are using banking policy to meet sustainability challenges through a variety of institutional and regulatory approaches that reflect their own unique national circumstances. The article suggests that G20 countries have still further to go in using banking regulation to promote the mobilization of green capital for investment and for mainstreaming environmental sustainability challenges into bank business strategies, governance and risk management practices. In this way, banking regulation can more effectively support the economy’s adaptation and transition to a more environmentally sustainable economic path.

This paper is based on a lecture he gave at the IALS on 22 March 2016 discussing some of the issues in his report and the broader green banking policy agenda, including the regulatory policy options for banks to adopt environmental standards into their governance and business strategies


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