IMPRESS fails to meet its own standards

  • Julian Harris
Keywords: Press law, Press regulation, Freedom of the press, Leveson, IMPRESS


Julian Harris continues his updates on the development of press regulation in the UK. On 26 September 2017 the approved press regulator, IMPRESS, published a news item entitled “IMPRESS is growing fast, with publishers reaching 4.5 million readers”. The release went on to explain that IMPRESS was consolidating its position, with a standards code in force and more publishers joining. Item 7 of the notes included a link to a document entitled “Addressing concerns about IMPRESS’ impartiality: Final report of the internal review panel.” The report concluded that the Chief Executive of IMPRESS, Jonathan Heawood, and two members of the board – a journalist, Emma Jones and Professor Máire Messenger Davies – had all breached IMPRESS’ internal standards.


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