About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Papers that investigate women’s lives from single or multiple vantage points whether topically or geographically are equally welcome. Scholars working on related topics are encouraged to put together several papers for consideration as special themed issues or dossiers.

The journal is published using the SAS Open Journals scheme http://journals.sas.ac.uk/. Correspondence over potential papers should be directed to the Editor, Professor Jay Kleinberg, at jay.kleinberg@brunel.ac.uk,

Peer Review Process

The journal operates a double-blind, two stage peer review system. Manuscripts are sent to two reviewers, who are asked to return their comments within one month of accepting the task (although longer can be arranged if necessary). The Review Guidelines (below) provide further information on the criteria that referees should use to judge submissions. Manuscripts should also be ranked as either:

(1) accept for publication

(2) minor revision required

(3) major revision and resubmission required

(4) reject

Manuscripts are then returned to authors along with the two sets of comments from reviewers and the editor's decision (which is based on assessing both referees' recommendations). In the case of (2) minor revision required and (3) major revision and resubmission required, a suitable deadline for submission of the revised manuscript is established with the author.

Upon submission of the revised articles, those ranked "(2) minor revision" are sent to one of the previous reviewers, along with both sets of first round comments, to establish that the minor revisions have been sufficiently acted upon. Those ranked "(3) major revision and resubmit" are sent to both of the previous reviewers, along with both sets of first round comments, for further assessment. Again, we normally ask that reviewers return their comments to us within one month of accepting the task but we can arrange for longer if necessary.

The Editor then makes a final decision (accept/reject) based on the second stage of refereeing comments. At this point, authors may still be asked to make further minor revisions prior to acceptance. Authors whose articles are accepted are also given the opportunity to make any other slight alterations that they feel would be beneficial, such as adding a reference to scholarship that has been published since submission.

Review Guidelines

Reviewers should judge the submission on the basis of the following:

During the first stage of refereeing

1) The originality of the work

2) The quality of the research (questions asked; methodology; use of scholarship)

3) Use of primary and secondary material

4) Whether the article is worthy of inclusion in History of Women in the Americas bearing in mind the journal's aims and scope

5) If the recommendation is "major revision and resubmission", then what changes should be made?

6) Any additional comments or observations

During the second stage of refereeing

1) Has the article been sufficiently amended to merit inclusion in History of Women in the Americas, bearing in mind the journal's aims and scope and the comments made in the two first stage referee reports

2) If you feel the article should be further rewritten, what additional changes should be made?

3) Any additional comments or observations

Publication Frequency

Individual articles will be published as soon as they are ready and added to the volume that is current at that time. Each calendar year will represent one volume and issue of the journal, with the exception of any special issues that are published.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.  We do not charge author fees for publishing in the journal.


Editorial Board

Editor: Jay Kleinberg, Brunel University London jay.kleinberg@brunel.ac.uk

Book Reviews Editors: Sinead McEneaney, St Mary's University sinead.mceneaney@stmarys.ac.uk

Editorial committee

Dawn-Marie Gibson, Royal Holloway, University of London

Helen Glew, University of Westminster

Eilidh Hall, University of East Anglia

Althea Legal-Miller, UCL-Institute of the Americas

Imaobong Umoren, Oxford University

Advisory board

Susan D Amussen, University of California, Merced

Trevor Burnard, University of Melbourne

Susan Castillo, King’s College London

Elizabeth Clapp, University of Leicester

Catherine Davies, University of Nottingham

Ellen DuBois, UCLA

Sara M Evans, University of Minnesota

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Stanford University

Glenda Gilmore, Yale University

Elizabeth Kuznesof, University of Kansas

Maxine Molyneux, University College London

Kenneth Morgan, Brunel University London

Jocelyn Olcott, Duke University

Diana Paton, Newcastle University

Vicki Ruiz, UC Irvine

Ann Schofield, University of Kansas

Betty Wood, Cambridge University

Sources of Support

The publishers would like to thank Brunel University London for their support in establishing the journal.