Rutland Revisited

Reflections on the Relationships between the Legal Academy and the Legal Profession

  • Steven Vaughan


This paper explores the multiple and multifaceted relationships between the legal academy and the legal profession in England and Wales. It does so by mirroring the approach of William Twining in his ‘Visit to Rutland’ in Blackstone’s Tower. In drawing on hypothetical happenings in two fictitious law schools and a fictitious law firm, the paper offers commentary on the many points of contact between lawyers and scholars. What is made clear is that these interfaces are often ad hoc and that the legal academy acts as if it needs the profession more than the profession needs it. This may well be the case. What we see then is the modern-day Blackstone’s Tower in the shadow of Cravath’s mansion.

Keywords: legal profession; legal education; Qualifying Law Degree; Solicitors Qualifying Examination; ‘core’ subjects; diversity; Blackstone’s Tower.


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